Last updated: 18 September 2016

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If you’re looking for aultimate stock alertsn investing and trading education source and a stock picking newsletter that consistently delivers outstanding returns for its members, look no further.

Performance Matters. You won’t find any flashy sales pitches, no million dollar websites, no fake testimonials and no lies about being featured in Forbes or CNBC.

Just the top trades from our best list of penny stocks delivering gains that blow the “gurus” out of the water.

Our hot stock alerts can move huge, anywhere from 10% to 1,000% or more, in a matter of hours or days.

Small Cap Momo was started because of the ill-treatment and terrible returns “guru” stock pickers (most of them no more than lousy internet marketers) like Jim Cramer provide their members. You see, these guys charge their subscribers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month to receive their list of penny stocks to watch. The problem is, their picks are average at best, and losers more often than not.

With just a little effort, you could have subscribed to our FREE penny stock newsletter, receive our penny stock picks and made extraordinary returns that crush the indices, and other so-called “gurus”. In 2012-2013, our picks returned an amazing 1,237% and made many of our members financially independent for the first time in their life!

And as for Jim Cramer, well, you only have to watch his TV show Mad Money to see how worthless his top stock picks are.

We also wanted to restore investor confidence. You see, there are many shady stock picking newsletters out there touting their penny stocks list that double or even triple. Most of them (let’s day 99% of them) get paid to promote companies and most often are on the other side of the trade they “recommend”. In other words, when they tell you to buy, they are selling. Some people refer to this is a pump and dump. Small Cap Momo NEVER does this, nor do we ever accept shares as compensation to promote companies.

Our philosophy is simple. We have made a small fortune trading micro and small cap momo stocks (often referred to as “penny stocks”). It really isn’t that hard. BUT you need to have a penny stock list to trade every day, and know which top penny stocks to watch and when.

The when is very important.

We only ever alert our members to stocks that have momentum and volume, or stocks that we think will have volume coming in because of rumors, news releases or a strong catalyst.

We make sure our list of penny stocks have all the right attributes that give them the best chance of being profitable for our members.

We will not only give you alerts to the best penny stocks to watch that will make you money, but we will also give you the best penny stocks to watch, tips and advice on trading stocks as well as our thoughts on how a trade might play out. This means that you are no longer trading in the dark.

Finally, an experienced and profitable stock picker and trader will have your back and help you navigate your way to extraordinary trading profits.

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We are absolutely convinced you will not find another free or premium (paid) stock picking or financial newsletter that gives you hot penny stocks, the best penny stocks to watch, the ultimate stock alerts and the top free list of penny stocks to buy that generate the kinds of returns that our penny stock picks do.

Can we help turn you into the next penny stock millionaire?

From time to time we like to expose the lies and myths of these so called gurus / internet marketers.

You can read our take on them by clicking their names below:

Jim Cramer | Mad Money | Action Alert Plus – Cramer, as he is affectionately known to his viewers, is an eccentric TV personality on CBNC. His catch cry “Booyah” is echoed throughout the world by his loyal audience. But is this TV show host really all he is hyped up to be?

James Connelly | Penny Stock Prophet – This first “internet marketing guru” on our list. Connelly drums up subscribers from enlisting affiliate marketers to do his dirty work. Are his claims of fast life changing riches legitimate?

Sang Lucci – A self professed options guru. Anyone who spent 5 minutes listening to this guy talking about options “strategies” would quickly realize he is mostly fluff.

Jason Bond Picks – Bond runs a paid trading chat room/newsletter service, and interestingly, he is backed by a well known stock promoting firm. If I had one dollar for every negative comment/email I’ve received about this guy, I’d be retired on a beach somewhere (just like you’d be if you followed these gurus, NOT).

Kunal Desai | Bulls on Wall Street – Kunal owns & runs the Bulls on Wall Street paid trading chat room/newsletter service. When Kunal isn’t “banking” on his stock picks, he’s hanging out with this hot female trader or Sang Lucci. Kunal has a history of “front-running” his subscribers i.e. entering a trade and then alerting to his subscribers, which in turn generates more buying and pushes the price higher. Kunal is also known for his selective and not-so-real-time tweets of his trades (i.e. tweeting his entries/exits only on his successful trades, well after the fact).

Awesome Penny Stocks – Out of business, what more can I say. I guess the life of a corrupt penny stock promoter is limited.

Nathan Gold | Penny Stock Egghead– An offshoot of James Connelly / Penny Stock Prophet, Nathan Gold has upped the anti on marketing his stock picks to the unsuspecting investing community. Instead of becoming a millionaire in 38 steps, the penny stock egghead explains how he delivers life-changing gains in only 5 trades. OMG, here do we stop?

Paul Scolardi | Super Trades – A nerdy ex-accountant who loves Superman / Clark Kent. He claims to be successful picking undervalued stocks. The reality is he generally picks low float stocks that he often buys before he alerts his subscribers. His loyal followers then buy the stock blindly pushing the stock price higher. Win win right? (maybe, until the music stops).

Cameron Fous | Fous Alerts – A Timothy Sykes wannabe, Fous also runs a paid stock newsletter / chat room service. And like the others, he buys before he alerts. I can tell you one thing, this guy loves himself. He takes the selfie to a new level, just look at his instagram account.