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meme-4Last updated: 01 August 2017

Small Cap Momo delivers the top penny stocks to watch, outperforming the markets, and crushing the gurus.

Penny stocks have a bad reputation in the media, largely because of their ignorance.

So let’s take a closer look at what a penny stock really is. The general consensus definition is any stock trading at $5 or below – on any stock exchange – NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, OTCQB and Pink Sheets.

There really is nothing scary about penny stocks. Yes, they can be more volatile (and risky) than large or mega cap stocks, but the profit potential is so much greater. Take a look at this small sample of penny stocks that have hit the big time.

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While most stock picking services either charge a monthly subscription or “front run” their members, we just give you the best penny stocks to watch, day in day out. It doesn’t matter to us who discovered the pick first, or who is getting paid to promote it, if it’s a stock that we think can move big, we’ll alert it…

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In addition, we spend hours every night scanning the market, looking at company fundamentals, chart analysis, reading finance headlines and press releases and looking at what others are doing, all to bring you the best possible penny stocks to buy.

You see, trading and investing in penny stocks can be a risky business, but a very profitable one. There are no “secret formulas” to success like other penny stock gurus will try to sell you.

Its as simple as identifying the right penny stocks to watch that:

  • Have good fundamentals and is undiscovered by the market
  • Have a lot of momentum with a lot of buyers interest
  • Have a catalyst to propel it higher, such as earnings release or important news event
  • Are being profiled by a stock promoter, which in turn has generated a lot of buzz behind the stock

Once we identify the best stocks to watch, we need to determine to right time to buy them. Timing is everything in penny stocks. Buy too early, and the stock may never take off. Buy too late, and you may be stuck with a rapidly declining stock price. Our penny stock alerts give you the top penny stocks to buy and the right time. Period.

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